Greyson's Birth Story

I never got to share this with hardly anyone considering how fast she was born and died.

We had my baby shower Sunday, June 10th, 2012. Tons of really good friends showed up and we had a really great time celebrating the hope of lil tiny Greyson arriving any day. All throughout I was having contractions and some of the more experienced Mom's were telling me they were just Braxton-Hicks. I knew better and they were pretty consistent and uncomfortable, but I was just hoping she would still come early like we had prayed for the past few months.

Went to bed that night and slept a few hours, then woke my husband up around 3 am, and we began timing contractions. Some were a minute apart! I decided to not freak out and try to go back to sleep. I ended up somehow sleeping for 3 hours.

Woke up at 7a, timed more, all 1 minute apart. Some 3 minutes apart. This was Monday, June 11 and I was 10 days early! So excited that it was really happening! My first baby! And a sweet lil girl!! I could not wait to see what she looked like, my hubby being a dark haired man and myself a strawberry-blonde!

Called my midwife at 8a, she came over a couple hours later. Meanwhile, I ate peanut butter toast, did 2 loads of laundry (the cutest baby girl clothes ever) and just hoped to get moving soon to get this baby out. Midwife came, I was 3.5 cm dilated! Time to start walking... My Mom and I walked for a good hour and an half up and down our long drive-way.... then I got in the pool and walked around for another good hour...

Around 4:30p, my midwife checked me again. I was only barely 4c dilated. I was so disappointed. About 20 minutes later, my water broke...and things got crazy! The contractions got super intense. I got on my position of choice throughout at least half the day, buried my head in my pillow and yelled and talked thru each contraction, saying "I hate this!" and "Jesus!!"

I had about 2 hours of extremely intense labor, then...during one contraction, I yelled to my midwife, that I had just peed everywhere (haha) and that I had to begin pushing. Somehow, I don't even remember, she checked me and realized that in just 2 hours, I had gone from 4c to 10c, so thankful.
She brought out a birthing stool, I got on it at 7p...and 17 minutes later, I had pushed the cutest tiniest lil baby girl out. I was in love, but still calming down from the pain. I felt awesome after 5-10 minutes and my sweet lil baby was crying...and ohhhh soooooooo cute. I was in disbelief that she was mine.

She was weighed at 5lbs 4 oz and measured at 18in long. She had the cutest pile of dark hair on her head and I loved it and could not even wait to get a bow on her head! She nursed right away and was in perfect health, got a 9.5 APCAR.

My midwife stitched me up.... huge bad tears for a tiny lil baby that took almost 4-5 months to heal!

Then, I got my baby back, she slept on my chest the whole night and I could not have been happier or more thankful.
I was so thankful to not be pregnant anymore, to have my lil Greyson Eliana in my arms, to see her and touch her skin and so thankful she was healthy ( It never occurred to me that she couldn't be) and that I was safe and warm and cozy at home.

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