Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Shark Lagoon (Jello)

Ok, so this was fun to make!

I first debuted it at my beach themed bridal shower in 2010. I put a lot more detail into that one...because I had more time on my hands.

Basically, what you need is
+3-4 packages of the bluest jello you can find
+packages of swedish fish
+1-2packages of blue sharks (they are hard to find, but sometimes can be found at gas stations or bulk candy stores or on Amazon. Blue Gummi Gummy Sharks Candy 1 Pound Bag

For the simple version, you just make jello as directed. When it's formed and you are prepping for your party, open the 2 bags of fish and sharks and chop up the jello so it's like waves, then place the sharks and fish in the water and on top of the water.

The harder version is to take a platter or 9x13 and do the steps mentioned above, but take a side section and add 3-5 cups of brown sugar, making a beach. then you add whatever! For my bridal shower (so sorry no pics!) My little sisters still had Polly Pockets lying around, so we added them to the beach on beach chairs, with props, etc. It was cute.

Either way, this is a hit with kids and will be an awesome addition to any Luau or Beach Themed Party!

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