Monday, August 4, 2014

Organic Baby Teething Oil

When Blakely started teething at 5 months old, I wanted to find a natural way to help soothe her pain. While researching, I found the Essential Oil, Clove. I read it is great for dental health, (tooth pain) among other things! I also found out this oil has antiseptic properties!  Clove is rich in minerals such as calcium, hydrochloric acid, iron, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, and vitamin A and vitamin C! So cool!

"Recent studies and careful consideration of the power of clove oil have resulted in it being used as a soothing balm on infants who are teething. In extremely diluted form, it can be applied to a baby’s gums, and the antiseptic and soothing qualities of the oil can ease their pain and reduce their discomfort. "
So, this is so easy once you have the right Essentials Oils on hand. We used Pure Unrefined Coconut Oil, about 2-3 tablespoons, melted. Let it cool, then drop 3-4 drops of Clove and mix. This time I made it, I also dropped in some Thieves in because I wanted to see if that would help boost my daughter's immunity even more.

Want to get Clove Essential Oil without leaving the house? Go here or go here for Thieves :)


ALWAYS test this on your gums first.

We put the finished oil in a reused baby jar. It's not my favorite way to store it, but it works for now.

As you can tell by the crinkled up label, we have used it a lot and it has been back and forth on trips a lot! But she loves it!

I just dip a clean finger in and then rub it on her gums before she goes to bed or naps.

Make sure to clean the outside of your baby's mouth after and try to not let them put their fingers in their mouth. You want to avoid this getting rubbed into their little eyes!
)Sorry for lame lighting pictures, it was raining when I took them and needed to rush through it.)  :)

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