Friday, August 1, 2014

Our 10 Favorite Baby Items from our First Year

So, our "rainbow baby", Blakely, turned 1 this past weekend! Her birthday Luau will be up soon!

Can't wait to share it, it was so much fun to celebrate her one year of life! I wanted to share our most favorite "must haves" that we have LOVED having for her during the last year! Just click the pic and it will take you to Amazon for more reviews and pricing!

 This swing was our favorite, out of 3 we had been given. It is the most simple and compact, meaning I could take it and it would fit in the bathroom while I took a quick shower. Haha.
Blakely would sleep in it while the swing rocked or vibrated. It didn't take up a lot of room, so we could take it on trips as well.

At 6 months old, we slowly began integrating solids into her food schedule. Her first taste of carrots was the funniest thing I ever seen and maybe someday I will get it posted on YouTube and linked to here. You can find it on my Instagram though! As I began feeding her, I began doing more laundry. She would wear bibs, but they either didn't cover all of her or she'd rip them off at the worst time. One of our top favorite things has been this coverall bib! Long sleeves, pocket in the front- best part: run it under water and wash with soap and let air dry for an hour and you are good to go for the next meal! None of this, going through 6 cloth bibs in one day type junk! Highly recommend! Buy it on Amazon for $9! Dude!

  Also, when she began sitting in high chairs at restaurants and eating with us, these came in handy! Kept her hands and her food on only clean surfaces!

 Jogger Stroller + Car Seat! This Baby Trend was by far one of our most used items! The car seat the just simply clicks in is perfect! Doesn't wake sleeping baby and also clicks right into the stroller for easy Out-N-Go! We loved it! As she has grown, we still use the other part of the stroller where she sits up. She uses the tray for snacks and can lay down for a nap as well. We love it!

We starting using the Angel Care System as soon as Blakely was moved into her own room at 5 months old. (We waited longer than most maybe) This system has been awesome and given us so much piece of mind. Because of losing Greyson out of the blue, we desperately needed to be able to put Blakely down to sleep and leave the room with only very minimal check-ins. We have loved loved having this monitor and will use it with every baby!

 This Bumbo was our favorite portable high-chair and it served as our only high-chair for awhile. It makes eating easy and simple. I began using it with Blakely when she was about 3 months old. She loved watching me curl my hair or do dishes. :)

 We purchased this rear-view mirror for our Jeep after about a week of trying to see what Blakely was doing without me having to climb back and forth. We do not have a Mini-Van ("yet" as my Dad threatens haha) so, going back and forth is not ok. :) When she was quiet, we could see she sleeping and now as she is older, if she was crying, we could know if it was just a fit or if she was in pain. Highly recommended!

Blakely began crawling around 7 months or so and wow, she was quick so...quickly. We thought our home was baby proof...but if it wasn't, she found out! Quickly, my days became very busy with just making sure she didn't touch certain things and trying to get her to leave our stuff alone and play with her toys... Finally, we bought this Play Yard. LIFESAVER! She is not in it all day, but a certain times, she does need to just be by herself and play while I get a few things done. We love it!

 My hubby's office gave us a Pack-n-Play as a gift and we have loved it! We started using it when Blakely was 2 months old. It is amazingly perfect- holds diapers, has a place to put a newborn and then a way to get rid of all that and just have a bed for a bigger baby. It takes 3 minutes to set up and tear down and is perfect for traveling, drop off at Nana's, etc. Fits easily into the back of a car. Blakely is 1 and still uses it 4-5x a week.

 Ahh, we love this cart-cover! We use it for high-chairs as well. Not too many places have acceptable places for a baby to be. Gross Walmart carts??!! No. And some High-chairs I don't even want to touch! So thankful for this gem to have to put her in!

There you have it!  Our top 10! :)

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