Saturday, August 2, 2014

DIY Baby Hula Skirt and Bra

 This was pretty fun and easy to make! As you can see, her little coconut bra wouldn't stay up and it's also different then the idea we started out with. You will see from the pictures below that we tried something else first that did not work. Haha.  We thought it looked adorable and it worked for us for our Luau! You can probably come up with something creative, too! The whole outfit shown above was less than $7!

What you need to make the skirt and coconut bra:
+any color ribbon
+2 shades of Green Felt
+Whatever you would want to use as a bra. We printed off a photo of a Coconut and cut it out. Our original idea was to cut a mini ball in half and glue it on ribbon. It didn't really stay on. Haha.

Cut strips in your felt, but leave about 1-2 inches at top for a waist.
After you're done cutting strips, cut slits in the top, close to the place where you ended your strips. Then take your ribbon and weave it through. Lovin this no sew and no glue outfit!
Finished product! Took like 6 minutes! Leave enough ribbon to tie a pretty bow on the side.

This was our first coconut bra... It didn't work for us, but was pretty darn cute! If it works for you, let me know! We also were wanting to try some sort of shells glued onto ribbon, but ran out of time! Let's face it, anything is workable for baby and ends up being pretty darn cute!

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