Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Pineapple Palm Tree

This was one of my favorite displays//food art we had at Blakely's Luau! Luckily I had a friend help me get it ready a few days before!
I saw the picture on pinterest and never made time to get a tutorial, just did guess work to get it to look like this!  :)

What you need:
+long skewer sticks
+fern leaves or palm leaves. (We found ours at Hobby Lobby for pretty cheap and plan to reuse them at our house someway.)
+lots of colorful fruit to go around

How you put it together:
+scoop out the pineapples and cut the pineapple up. (We did this 4 days before and they were still crisp and perfect for our party.
+Place pineapple in ziplock and wait to open til party
On day of Party:
+place empty pineapples on top of each other.
+Take Skewer and push them all of them to keep them from toppling.
+Insert leaves of choice and display
+place fruit all around

Not step back and love it! It is so so cute! :)

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