Thursday, May 16, 2013

DIY Dyed All-Star Converse Chucks

A few months ago, I was considering getting rid of at least 1 pair of chucks I had, a white pair, that I never wore anymore.
I also was kinda tired of my old dingy lookin gray ones. They were awesome when I bought them almost 5 years ago, but either needed to be sold or updated.

I chose to update both pairs.

I already have a pair of pink and mint ones. These 2 colors are my favorite. If you don't have Chucks, you can buy a white pair off Amazon easily.

So, I chose to dye the white ones, dark purple and the gray ones, black. I know, I know, black is lame, but you are limited to brown, navy and black with gray ones.

I washed and sun-dried both pairs and then picked up the RIT Dye and a sponge brush. You can find RIT Dye on Amazon in tons of amazing colors!

 Then I took painters tape and covered all the rubber and tags.
 Then, baby girl and I began to dye! (This was pic I sent to my hubby after he asked me what I was doing! Haha)

To my annoyance, the rubber DID stain, after every tutorial online promising it would not. I left them overnight, so maybe if you don't leave the dye on that long, the dye will rinse off. I don't know.
I just took bleach and a rag and touched up the edges. And people, I got a chemical burn on 3 fingers since I choose not to wear gloves. SO...wear gloves! is the finished product! Pretty unique color (I think? The purple at least) And so cute!

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  1. Love them! I love Chucks soooo much! Sarah Joy has had at least 15 pairs. I got married in white sparkly chucks!