Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Green Grilled Cheese that even my 1yr old will eat!

I have made a "healthier" version of grilled cheese since I was pregnant with Greyson. It's so easy to add in some greens to this yummy sandwich.

I always add spinach and tomatoes and recently began adding avocado's, as well. I love sharing good food with Blakely, but she never has quite appreciated me giving her spinach leaves in our grilled cheese. It's hard for her to chew it up considering she only has 2.5 teeth.

So, I decided to try something new this past week.

I made grilled cheese like normal, good wheat bread, colby jack cheese and butter. While that was frying, I took my mini Ninja and put spinach and an avocado and garlic and herbs. It came out as this awesome paste that I could just "paint" right on our sandwich. Sorry I didn't get a close up. :( #fail

My 1 year old ate it right up, minus the tomatoes. She always wants to eat what I'm eating, so now I have to watch what I eat even more... or eat while she naps! :)

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