Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Life this Summer

Wow, I am terrible. I have missed Blakely's 10 and 11 month updates. We've been moving our stuff slowly to the Tropics since May. Moving makes you kinda hate all your stuff. :)

I will try to just condense her last 2 months real quick: 
She is eating everything but meat, drinking mostly water, some goat's milk...and still nursing 3-4x a day. We will probably be done nursing within the next 6 weeks. It's bittersweet, but it's getting to the point where she is antsy, anyway, so it's not as sweet and cuddly as it used to be. I will always cherish those (these) times with her.

She is crawling fast and standing for minutes at a time and taking 3-4 steps. She is learning to play good by herself finally...after giving her some boundaries ( A Play Yard!)
She used to hate traveling and now she is a pro at it! We are so thankful! 1,000 miles with a baby can be rough! But she has been so great at it!
She sleeps through the night still, but better now. I finally, 2 months ago, felt like I was catching up on my sleep!

 She is so so cuddly now a days, loves to cuddle with her blankies and her favorite animals, a tiny giraffe and a big puppy we got her at Ikea. It's so heart-melting.

She has 2 teeth with 3 on the way. She has a cold right now that somehow she caught from Florida to Indy. Boo.

 We are throwing her a Luau for her first birthday this next Sunday. Super excited to blog about that next week! Making all sorts of fun Hawaiian themed food!

Our life lately has been a little stressed. Packing, moving, driving, unpacking, sorting, settling, cleaning, etc. We have been able to go on more dates more frequently since we are in Indy and have family here, which is a life-saver. :)

see above:)
+ planning her birthday party
+ exploring ways I can work from home a little and bring in some extra cash for us
+ enjoying the summer outside, swimming, walking, picnics, etc. she loves her wagon!
+ looking into decorating our new home in Florida

+I just discovered I liked Mango's. :)
+Mostly Vegan at home (when out, we eat whatever! :) )
+detox smoothies ( I use Perfect Food Raw Organic Green Super Food)

+back n forth to Florida
+Nana & Papaw's

+the things God is speaking to me this week. He is trying to get my heart and attitude in check.
+listening to Bastille and John Newman and Hillsong.
+ that I am getting ready to set up my new coffee maker, so I can begin making Iced Coffee at home.
+ that my hubby bought me my own gym so I can work out at home. Haven't done a lot of that in the last few weeks because we've been so busy. Hoping to get back out there tomorrow.

+being a parent can be rough. Working together with your spouse, trying to figure out how to discipline, giving your baby enough time to themselves, but time with you, learning how to be ok with not much time to yourself. No one really tells you.
+being a parent can be so rewarding and such a blessing.

Be on the look out for a new design and theme of my blog coming in the next few weeks. I am excited to add direction to my site and add more pictures and blog more often. :)

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