Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Organic Baby Immunity Booster

This still has been so helpful to us as we have been moving and going back in forth the last few months!
We store it in an old baby food jar container and rub it on Blakely's feet and then put socks on her. We do this when she is not feeling good, has a cold or a fever and it definitely helps! We have done it today as a matter of fact, because she has been sick for a day or two.

What you need:
+old container with a lid
+ coconut oil
+Essential Oils (Eucalyptus and Four Thieves) (We love Eden's Garden brand!) (But we had some old NOW brand... (don't really like that brand anymore)

What you do:
Melt the Oil for about 20 seconds. (Use at least 2 tbsp, but it really depends on how much you want to have on hand)
Add 5-8 drops of each oil and mix.
This mixture will stay oil at 77' and warmer, and will harden when in colder temperatures.

Rub it on the bottom of your baby's feet and immediately put socks on. Otherwise you will have oil all over. :)
I use this sometimes when I am not feeling good. ;)

I got the coconut oil on Amazon and the Essential Oils from a Health Store and Online at Eden's Garden.

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