Thursday, February 27, 2014

Our little 7month old!

Blakely is 7 months old today!

We can't believe it! She is such a fun & curious little thing, we're so privileged to be her parents.

I have severely underestimated the role of being a Mom. I had no idea the unconditional love & joy she'd bring, nor the tiredness or work of dying to myself day in & day out. I love her so much & each day I get to be with her & teach her & help her grow, is such a blessing to my soul.

Here's some things I wanted to note & remember about her 7 month old self today ( sad I haven't done this her whole life, but maybe I'll start now!)

Over the last month, she has become way more serious. She has this cute little lip pursing she does when she's thinking a lot about something. It's so endearing. She will laugh mostly at me if were playing peek-a-boo or if I'm running at her. She gets freaked out by the slightest of noises- someone sniffing or sneezing, our Ac Turning on, a leaf blower outside. She loves itsy bitsy spider, Jesus loves me & Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. We sing those plus a few more every night at bed time. She likes to read books & bang toys together. If she had her way, she would be on my right hip all day. She grabs & chews everything. She has also become a better traveler, more content & she loves going on walks, though she expires at about 30minutes. She loves to rough house in the early evening, it's adorable. She finally does a good job going grocery shopping with me (this happened at about 5 months). I could finally go & not worry about a melt down!
We don't go out too much- just to Publix, Chiropractor, Target & a few different parks for our walks. Normally on the weekend we go out & do stuff with Daddy & his help.
Blakely is still nursing every 3 hours ish but about 6 weeks ago, we began introducing solids to her. She hated carrots with a passion but has grown to like green beans, corn, bananas, mandarin oranges & recently I feed her oats almost every day. She mostly just wants our food, but we try to only give her a little here a there.
Ugh. This is something were still working on. It is getting better. But every step forward always seems to have a step back & it kills me when we go backwards! Some nights she'll sleep from
7:30-6:30 with minimal wakes, other nights were up 5+ times! (Like last night) And sadly it affects the whole next day negatively. :( Hoping she gets the hang of it totally soon! Considering taking a few days to ween her off the paci (except for falling asleep).
She has one of the littlest buds on her bottom gum. So cute, wish my cam could capture it! Should be making progress soon!
She weighed 13lbs at her last appointment & was very short (weird?!) (10th percentile) haha. Sorry I don't remember stats! She's a cutie & shorty & there's not much hope in that dept!
She hasn't been sick, thank you Lord!

I am teaching her how to go poopy in the potty. She's been doing great for three weeks with only 2 "accidents". She still pees in her cloth diapers which I'm
Fine with. My goal is just getting her used to the potty & hoping by 12 months, she's fully trained. That will mostly depend on me. She's pretty smart & knows what's going on around her.
She's also scooting like crazy & probably will crawl any day. Just today she's started pulling herself up!
Trying to figure out how much to "discipline" her when it comes to teaching her to stop doing stuff.
(Like splashing in the tub the whole time, or screaming unnecessarily, etc) Im still trying to figure out what she knows & what she doesn't & what's appropriate.) Askimg for wisdom on that one.

I think that's all, sorry no pictures, just enough time to get this written! Were so thankful for her seven months here with us!

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  1. She sounds like such a joy. And OMG I am baffled about the potty training. WOW