Wednesday, October 10, 2012


It's sad that I only have one Member. Or "Creeper" as I changed it to.

So, we are officially in Florida.
I have officially cried everyday since arriving, except not today. Yet...
This transition is...bittersweet.
Most of my friends say they are jealous of us being down here.
Trust me, we'd give it ALL up. Every last drop of anything that made anybody jealous.
However, I do see their point. We are spoiled by our Creator, in giving us a flexible job that allows us the best of both worlds.

I have been learning to pray more. Praying more scripture as I read it. Learning to keep busy. Busier than usual. I have lists. I have goals. I am praying I keep my mind on things that are admirable, praiseworthy, pure and excellent.

It's so beautiful down here. We love it. We miss our baby girl. We wish she was here with us every minute.

Jesus is reminding me to pray for contentment and to fix my gaze directly ahead of me. I am asking for big things. I am praying in faith, knowing that "if He is willing..." Knowing He gives good gifts and everything He gives IS good no matter if I can see it that way or not.

I have been reading a chapter of Matthew a day. Lovin it...

So thankful for a few of my friends. The ones who encourage me to push further and keep trusting and keep walking.  I am praying I learn to become a more encouraging pointing my friends to Jesus friend...

Side Notes:
I saw a man vacuuming his driveway here in the Flo-rida...
I am obsessed with clean laundry still. Love having all my stuff clean all the time. (Hard to do when it is hot and I walk. I walk a lot. I sweat a lot)
I have been picking up dead cockroaches all day. We even found a dead one in our bed the first night here. Grody.
My hubs and I are walking to the beach every night. (1.5hr walk)
The fruit down here is kick booty. Seriously. Lovin the road side stands... Missed them all summer.
I got like 15 mosquito bites the second we crossed the border into Florida it seemed. Normally I only get bit at first...
Spent some time at Disney with a friend. Hubs couldn't go, had to work unexpectedly. (Two thumbs down people) We had a great time.
There are a lot of children and babies there. Probably not the place for me for awhile. We had grand plans of plowing people down there with my all the moms do... haha. But sad.

Tonight we are grilling out, hot tubbin and watchin a movie. Lovin the time with him at nights.
Thanking Jesus for him in my life.
We are lovin' Sarasota. Meeting up with a married couple this Saturday for dinner. We can't wait to see them.

So, this is a very random post.

I am thinking of making my blog private very soon. So, follow me so I can (?) I don't know how it works.... STILL....
 I and my hubs don't like the idea of anybody who's anybody just googling my name and finding all this info...

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