Wednesday, October 24, 2012

"You will in Heaven..."

This will be short, but I had to post.

The past week has been full of ups and downs for me. The Lord has been dealing with so many crazy huge issues. I will definitely be writing more later. I heard the best sermon on Sunday about Prayer, and the best one last night on Jonah 4.

I LOVE how Jesus pursues us. Doesn't let us get stuck in our ruts, our tantrums, our grief.

Today, I began working at Girls Inc Sarasota. I was a homework Tutor for 3 hours. I met some pretty quality little girls. I have this *thing* for tiny lil Hispanic girls now (hmm, wonder why). So, I was able to help a bunch of them with all their math problems. I was definitely nervous, not about being there, but that'd I would have forgotten all my "knowledge" and just be like, "Oh, wow, I just don't know, let's skip to another..." Ha! But that didn't happen. It is such an amazing place, so many cool opportunities there.

As I was driving home, just an hour ago, I began to cry a little.... I was about to open my mouth and complain and whine to the Lord about not being able to see my tiny lil brown baby Greyson grow up, have a life, be somebody, be adorable, be loved on by her mom and dad, the list goes way way way on. I can't remember if I said it or just thought it, but all I heard back was...

"You will get to see Greyson grow up, Heaven."

So, I am pretty darn excited about that. Makes me not want to be here on Earth so much. However, I know the Lord has plans to prosper and give us a future while here on Earth. I pray I fulfill them, stay in His will, heal of my grief and anger and am always about His business until He calls me Home!!

This is super short for me.... but I am going on a hot date with my hot hubby! We are going to a delicious place called Daiquiri Deck where they have this really yummy blacked chicken salad! Then we are going to the beach with a blanket! So thankful... 

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