Friday, January 11, 2013

7 months too long

Woke up crying and dry-heaving this morning. It's kind of funny, but not really.

Crying because I wanted my baby here again. 7 months without her?  Death.

Dry-heaving because there was nothing in my stomach to throw-up.

I cannot believe Greyson would be 7 months old today!? Time has gone by so fast, yet soooo slow. I just can't believe it. I can't believe in the next 6/7 months, there will be baby #2 here. I am hoping that set of time goes by as quick as these last 7 months have.

It seems like just yesterday I was walking the long driveway trying to move the contractions along....and now today, I was walking that same driveway trying to not to cry too much, and just praising the Lord for the beautiful weather so I could get out and get fresh air and walk with the new baby in my belly.


I could write a whole post that talks about how badly I miss her, how my heart is still so sad, how I wonder what she would look like now....but it's the same thing I've written about over and over and over before.

I know she is happy. That is what matters. I know I get to see her again. I know God knows what He is doing.

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