Thursday, January 10, 2013


Tomorrow my sweet lil baby girl would be 7 months old.

And next week, I will be 3 months pregnant with her lil sibling.

My heart is rejoicing and so thankful, yet still so broken and grieving. I miss her so so much.
I am excited to be a Mom to a baby here on earth come first of August. Praying this baby can stay with us.
The Lord has blessed us with another tiny soul and we are so thankful.

Pregnancy is just not that fun for me, so if you can, pray it goes quickly. :) We get to hear the heartbeat in 12 days, I am so so excited. 

More on all of this tomorrow. :)

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  1. Just thought you should know that I'm "stalking" you. Thanks for sharing what the Lord is turning to good from this horrible tragedy.